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Websites: F.A.Q.

Contact us when you choose your package (All-in-One or The Big Deal) and your design (Magazine, The Wall, Hyphenate, Headshot or Magazine). Then we'll arrange to get your materials and get to work putting it together. At that time, we'll also discuss any modifications you would like, such as:

  • customized background, accent and font colors;
  • customized headline fonts;

We will then send you a jpg of the first draft of your site (usually within two business days). We will wait to hear from you, incorporate any further changes, then walk you through the process of reserving a domain name (there are several companies we work with is We strongly recommend private domain name registration for actors. It is a small price to pay for your privacy (more on that below).

Once your domain is reserved, we publish your site. Once you've reviewed it, we will then make any tweaks, adjust layout where necessary, and correct any spelling errors.

During the editing process, we try to turn around edits in 1-2 business days after receiving them from you.
Our sites range from $199 for a basic All-In-One site, up to $500 for a Big Deal site with lots of bells and whistles. (Hosting and domain registration not included.)

We also do custom designs, starting at $499.

For all websites, we require a 50% deposit.
Domain registration is the charge that you must pay (on an annual basis) to reserve the name for your website (i.e. Prices vary from registrar to registrar, but it currently costs around $10 per year for a standard (public) registration. However, we recommend that all of our clients secure private domain registrations (generally about $20/year).
When you reserve your domain name (the address for your site - as in your registration information is public by default (including your billing address). This means that anyone who sees your website can easily look up your address from services like, and overzealous fans could easily show up at your doorstep.

It generally only costs about $10/year for private registration. We think it is VERY important that actors keep their domains private.
If your website was a house, then hosting would be the plot of land that it sits on. You are paying to have all of the files online and accessible whenever someone wants to look at your website. Our hosting is $6.95/month for our basic service, and $9.95/month for those of you who will be using our "real time news" service, which allows you to update the news on your front page yourself.
Absolutely. Most of our designs are styled to that they will unobtrusively go with any headshot - keeping the focus where it belongs, on your photo. But if you like, we can change colors to complement your pictures.
To a point. For custom fonts we generally use google fonts. They have hundreds of striking, royalty-free fonts to choose from, and they are a very good way to bring a little style to your site without dramatically slowing down the time it will take your site to load.

If there is a specific custom font that you wish to use (outside of google fonts), let us know and we'll see what we can do. You will be responsible for any additional royalty charges associated with that font.
As far as viewing your site on a computer or tablet, horizontal head shots are by far the best option for most of our designs. This is simply because they have the same basic layout as a computer screen, so we're able to show the whole shot without reducing the size so that it comfortably fits the dimensions of the screen.

We can use vertical headshots in most of our designs, but we will have to make the picture considerably smaller than we would otherwise, and we will have to adjust the layout of the home page so that most of your picture appears in the browser window. In most cases, however, we can easily incorporate a second vertical shot for viewing on mobile devices (see out Magazine design for a sample of this).
Responsive design simply means that the layout of your site will alter itself to fit the screen on which it is being viewed. Here is more information on responsive design, and our site was build with responsive design. If you are viewing this on a traditional computer, click on the lower right hand corner of this browser window, and drag it over to the left so that the page becomes narrower. See how the pieces rearrange and change size? That's responsive design. Here is another sample from one of our clients' sites.
Most take about a week. Some take considerably longer, but this is generally because of clients taking their time to decide what they want (which is not a problem for us - we want you to be happy with your site!). For the most part, as long as you get back to us promptly with any notes or changes during the editing process, you can expect to see your site online somewhere between 1-2 weeks.

We can post your site on an expedited basis, but additional charges may apply.
We can set up some parts of your website so that you can update them yourself. We can do a gallery page in conjunction with Flickr or some other similar services, we can incorporate a blog to your site with Tumblr, or we can incorporate what we call our "real time news" on to your home page - with this feature, you can update the news on your home page any time you want, from your computer OR from most mobile phones!
Updates are billed according to time spent. That being said, it tends to run about $20-25 per photo, and anywhere from $10-50 for text and content editing.Changes to layout, font and colors will be billed according to the number of drafts. Generally $50/draft.
We try to turn around all edits within 1-2 business days.
Yes. Custom designs start at $499, and we'll generally need to have at more in-person meetings (or meet via skype/iChat) to keep communication clear. Custom designs are very difficult to do via email.


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