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(For Actors & Other Awesome Artists)

Actor Websites: Styles

Our basic actor sites come in a variety of styles created for the specific needs of actors. Clean and simple, keeping the focus where it belongs: on you.


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Clean and striking.
Incorporates both a vertical and a horizontal headshot.
Live version COMING SOON.

The Wall

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A little texture - as if you drew your website on the wall of your New York apartment.
Lots of customized layouts available. This design works well with both vertical and horizontal headshots.
Check out a live version.
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It's the most important tool in your arsenal - why not put it front and center on your site?
Clean simple design with a personal touch.
Check out a live version.

New Yorker

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Inspired by the clean, minimalist designs of literary magazines.
Check out a live version.
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Wear a lot of hats? An interactive “welcome widget” keeps the industry updated on all of your creative projects.
Check out a live version.


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