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(For Actors & Other Awesome Artists)

Actor Websites: Packages

Our actor websites are fully responsive, with sleek, modern design that can be customized to be your perfect "virtual home". We are currently offering two different packages:

The "All-In-One"

A supercharged, single page site packed with all of your materials up front and easily accessible.

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The All-In-One

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As you know, Casting Directors and Agents are busy people, and often prefer websites that tell your story as quickly and intuitively as possible.
This is why we built the "All-In-One".
These stylish sites include one, fully loaded page, with clean, striking layouts and immediately accessible links to view (in pop-up windows) or download your headshot and resume. We can even include a pop-up window for your demo reel(s).
And, starting at $199, it's an affordable way to start building (or expanding upon) your professional online presence today.
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The "Big Deal"

A traditional website, with room for more content - multiple photo galleries, a blog, several video and/or audio demo reels - whatever you can think of.

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The Big Deal

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For the working actor who is focused on expanding their fan base, or hyphenates who wear many creative hats. Same stylish, intuitive, responsive design, but with more room to really strut your stuff.
Maybe your hilarious tweets are legendary. Maybe you produce your own web series. Comedians, singers, writers, directors- you can go beyond the basics and give the world a more rounded, in-depth look at who you are.
Strictly focused on acting? Include some fun photo galleries of your work on camera and behind the scenes. Or tell your life story. Or get specific and really talk about your brand - the kind of roles that are tailor made for you. You get the idea.
"Big Deal" sites come in three different levels: Under Five, Guest Star and Series Regular
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Both the "All-In-One" and the three "Big Deal" packages are available in a variety of styles. Our designs are fully responsive, and 100% mobile-friendly. We can also fully personalize and customize your site with custom colors and custom headline fonts (we use Google Fonts).


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