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Demo Reels:

(For Actors & Other Awesome Artists)

You're the Star.

No Matter WHO You're Working With.

Don't get us wrong, we LOVE that you have a scene with that Oscar-winning actress - but don't let her famous face overshadow the brilliant work you're doing.
In assembling this reel for New York actor Rob Skolits, the main challenge was trimming the existing scenes to sharpen the focus on funnyman Rob.

Then, to contrast the offbeat comedy of the first two pieces, we opted to close with a solid dramatic performance (almost entirely nonverbal on Rob's part).

Dan Truman booked a role on Boardwalk Empire, so the first thing we did was do a "Scene Grab" of his footage.

Dan also had a lot of great material to choose from, but to contrast with the solid, reactive work in his first scene, we chose a radically different scene from a comedic webseries where his character is clearly driving the action (despite the fact that he's clearly undead).

Katherine Puma had several professional clips to draw from, but the first scene was a bit long for a reel (and there was a lot of focus on the series regulars). We kept the lines that introduced her character in court, and then tightened up the exchange between the regulars (but kept them in the scene as they are reacting to her, and because hey - they're the series regulars...).

As filmmakers, recutting scenes is our specialty. It's the best way to keep your work front and center (and balance out the screen time with big movie stars) so the focus of your reel is always where it belongs: on YOU.
We'll output your reel in the highest quality QuickTime format available, with the correct aspect ratio and with frame specific editing. Don’t know what any of that means? You don’t have to; we take care of it all (but you’re always welcome to ask).


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