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All About Us:

(Who We Are & Why We Do This)

Our Philosophy:

In short, it's all about you.

Your website should support your brand. This means that all of our sites are designed to be clean, striking and easy to navigate. This keeps the focus where it belongs - on you and your amazing headshots.

Same thing with your reel: we assemble your clips so that your clients won't just see a collection of scenes, they'll watch the story of "you". And we can recut scenes, taking you from supporting player in a long scene to star of your own mini-movie.

We know our industry is constantly on the go. So we hook you up with Twitter, Facebook and other social media, as well as optimizing your site for computers, iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices. So no matter where they find you, you can be assured you'll always look your best.

Meet the ActorFusion Team

Todd Faulkner and Nicole Greevy are writers, producers and actors. Having spent a great deal of time on "both sides of the table" we understand how to balance the desires of the artist with the demands of the industry.
Todd has been editing demo reels since before such a thing could be done on a computer. And we've been building websites professionally for the past 5 years or so.


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